Junk Food Hacks For Weight Loss

Weight Loss Journal Episode #3

I had to make some serious junk food hacks so I could stay on track with my weight loss journey over the first week.

I was craving sweets after giving up sugar and grains.

My weight loss plan is simple: eat only when I’m hungry, and eat a healthy meal until I’m satisfied. Watch this video for a detailed outline of My Weight Loss Plan.

In order to stick with my plan, I hunted for healthy food recipes to do food hacks on. My weight loss meals look and feel like junk food, so I never feel like I’m on a diet.

The  hacked recipes become lower calorie and higher fibre versions.

In order to stay organized, I need fast healthy food, which is filling and super tasty!

Follow along and lose weight with me!

This is an easy weight loss program to follow and it works for long term weight loss!

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Doing healthy meal hacks is the best way to stick with a healthy eating plan. We need to feel as though we can still eat foods we love while we lose weight. If we allow ourselves to feel deprived, the diet plan probably wont last long!

Keep weight loss motivation by eating the foods you crave! Don’t overeat.

Listen to your body, when you’ve eaten enough to satisfy hunger, stop eating!

You can have more of your favorite food when you’re hungry again.

Get The healthy tortilla chip recipe.

My Quick Tips.

As you saw in the video, these chips take 2 minutes to make. Leave out the oil! 

Omitting the oil saves 160 calories. The recipe still tastes fantastic!

Use plastic wrap and a silicone mat when rolling the dough. It’s super easy!

Low Carb | Sugar Free | Keto Chocolate Mug Cake

Sugar free chocolate mug cake covered in sugar free chocolate sauce

Easy Sugar Free Chocolate Sauce

Sugar free chocolate sauce recipe, homemade low carb chocolate sauce

Best Weight Loss Hacks

  • Never allow yourself to feel deprived on a weight loss plan! Focus on what you can have, not what you’re missing. When have this mindset, you’ll see you can have a lot!
  • If you crave sweet, eat sweet foods which are unprocessed eg; fresh whole fruit.
  • Bake with healthier sweeteners & grain free flours. Read this post about which sweeteners are best weight loss and stable blood sugars.
  • Fill up on whole fibrous foods before you attend social functions. Fibre will keep you full so you’re not too hungry to make good choices!
  • Stay organized with diet food prep. Keep whole food ingredients in the house so you can whip up tasty, healthy meals in minutes. Make larger portions and store meals for later.
  • Avoid snacking! Every calorie you eat has to go somewhere. Calories are either stored as energy or burnt off. Extra body fat is just stored energy! Eat a whole food meal when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied. 
  • Avoid or decrease alcohol. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, which means it’s almost as calorie dense as fat! Alcohol also makes you feel hungry! If you choose to drink while losing weight, choose ‘clean alcohol’ such as vodka, gin or white wine. Choose sugar free mixers to control blood sugars while drinking. Check out this video for more details.

More Weight Loss Tips?

Healthy Recipes

High protein pancake recipe, low carb pancakes can also be made as keto crepes

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