Weight Loss Journal

Hi there! I’m Gina. On this page I share my weight loss journey in a collection of video blogs. 

I lost 90 pounds in my late 20’s, and managed my weight successfully up until I turned 40. I have fallen back into old habits of emotional eating, and have gained 2 dress sizes and almost 40 pounds! I’m also a qualified nutritionist, which makes my situation even more embarrassing! It just goes to show, even a great education doesn’t always stop us from self sabotaging. 

In the following videos, I share my weight loss as it happens. This is an honest account of what I eat, how I motivate myself, and how I get past struggles to reach my goal weight.

Perhaps you have some helpful tips you’d like to share with others? Feel free to follow along, ask questions or add your comments after each video. 

My Weight Loss Plan

Episode #1

In this first video I share my starting weight & clothing size, why I’ve gained weight, and what my eating plan will be.

I’ll also share how I plan to start feeling motivated, and introduce you to my beautiful girls!

How I'm Staying Motivated To Lose Weight


First Week Struggles!

Episode #2

I explain my simple mindset tool to stay motivated and avoid unhealthy foods. I’ll also share some of the struggles I’ve faced in the first week on my diet plan, and what I need to focus on for successful weight loss.

Junk Food Hacks For Weight Loss

Episode #3

In this video I talk about how I hacked recipes so I could live on the junk foods I love, and still lose weight.

I also do my first official weigh in, and talk about what I’ve done to stay on track while attending social events. It was a big first week! But I made it through 🙂

junk food hacks for weight loss