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Weight Loss Motivation Blog

Weight Loss Motivation Blog

Weight loss motivation is hard to find and when we do find it, the motivation to be healthy can be hard to keep! On this page you’ll find regularly updated resources for healthy weight loss motivation. Everything you need to know for a healthy weight loss journey can be found from this page if you follow the links. If you’d like to get updated weight moss motivation tips as we publish them, you can join our mailing list.

What is motivation?

Many of us might see motivation as a magical feeling that comes along once in a while and then disappears just as quickly. It’s very common to start out highly motivated to lose weight, and then within a couple of weeks that motivation disappears again. In this post we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to get motivated and then, how to stay motivated. You might want to check out the post Brain Training For Weight Loss Motivation once you’re done here!

What’s the definition of motivation? 

Motivation comes from a defined reason or purpose to pursue an action. Everybody has different reasons why they want to get healthy or lose weight. You must have a good reason for wanting to lose weight if you’re going to stay motivated. Making big changes to our daily life can be difficult. We all know this because many of us have tried so many times before! Without a very clear reason to draw on when healthy eating gets hard, motivation is hard to keep for the long term.

If you’re going to be a weight loss success, you need long term motivation. You’ll need to be motivated to change your entire lifestyle so you can keep the weight off once you lose it. That means you need to have a very good reason for wanting to lose weight in the first place. Find out what your weight loss motivation is with this five step plan. Once you have a clear understanding of why you want to change, it’s easier to stay motivated because you can remind yourself of why you’re putting in the effort if losing weight gets hard!

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How do you get motivated to lose weight?

The first step is to understand exactly why you want to change. If you follow the steps outlined in this blog post, you’ll have a very good foundation from the start. This is the most important factor in high motivation for a healthy lifestyle. Find your motivation and then you’ll have you’re unique reasons to draw on if losing weight becomes hard.

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Where does motivation come from?

Motivation isn’t just about how we feel. We can control our motivation with our mind. Motivation comes from the way we think about a healthy lifestyle. The way we feel about the goals we have set for a healthy lifestyle are directly related to what we tell ourselves in tough moments. It’s very common to have high motivation levels at first, but how do you stay motivated for weight loss? I believe the answer is to retrain your brain with a new way of thinking about weight loss. Here is a blog post I created about brain training for weight loss motivation. This post outlines the basic details about how to keep high levels of motivation for the long term by using your mind power instead of using willpower. There is a huge difference! Once you understand how mind power works, you’ll find it’s much easier than using willpower for lasting motivation.

Retain the brain for weight loss motivation. Use mind power instead of willpower.
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There’s also some practical actions you need to take for weight loss motivation. You’ll need a healthy weight loss eating plan and you’ll have to manage your mental and emotional wellbeing as you lose weight.

The steps to organise a healthy eating plan are outlined in this post. I believe a low carb diet is the easiest eating plan for healthy weight loss. Read this post for Ten Low Carb Diet Tips For Weight Loss. Following a low carb diet will also help you lose belly fat. Low carb diets are great for managing your metabolism, giving you more energy, healthy hormone levels and easier weight loss.

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The way we feel about the goals we have set for a healthy lifestyle are directly related to what we tell ourselves in tough moments. Click To Tweet


Weight Loss Motivation Tips

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  • Set small weight loss goals to reach each week.

Set small, realistic goals for a steady, healthy weight loss. Goal setting should be the first step toward a healthier you. High expectations can lead to a loss of motivation when those goals aren’t met fast enough. It’s very important to understand what healthy weight loss is, especially when weighing yourself or measuring inches lost. Both of these tools are a good way to measure your progress as you lose weight. But, if your expectations are too high, you’re likely to fall back into bad habits from disappointment. Here’s a post specifically about goal setting for weight loss motivation. The tips in this post come directly from my experience as a nutritionist while working with clients. These are practical tools to help you stay focused while losing weight.

  • Avoid fast weight loss.

Losing weight can be hard enough, but if you’re trying to lose weight fast, it can be almost impossible! If you’re losing weight quickly you’re probably not eating enough calories. Eating a healthy diet with plenty of high nutrient, unprocessed foods is the only way to stay healthy while losing body fat.

Generally speaking people try to lose weight fast and they might lose a few pounds. Then within a couple of months they have gained those pounds back. In many cases people tend to gain more weight when they gain the initial weight back. Then due to frustration they typically try to lose weight fast agin. This cycle and can destroy your metabolism! Watch this video about designing your own healthy weight loss plan. The video includes simple tips about what you need to focus on for lasting weight loss.

How to set healthy weight goals for weight loss motivation.

  • Get a good healthy eating plan.

One of the most common problems people face when trying to lose weight is finding a healthy eating plan that will work for their lifestyle and personal tastes. This is a very important consideration and should be at the top of your priority list! If you have a generic plan that doesn’t work for your specific needs, the plan probably won’t last long. Your healthy eating plan must be based around three important points.

  • Eat healthy meals you love.

If you enjoy the foods you’re eating, losing weight can be fun.  This is one of the reasons I believe a low carb diet is an easier diet plan to have. You’re still able to eat the foods you’ll enjoy most. You can swap out ingredients easily to create your favourite meals while also keeping the carbohydrates low. Find out How To Do Healthy Cooking Hacks in this post. The steps to take are outlined clearly so you can still eat all the foods you love while sticking to your eating plan.

Healthy recipes for a healthy lifestyle.
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  • Eat foods that fill you up.

You cannot allow yourself to be hungry because this sets you up to fail on your healthy eating plan. It’s very common to crave high calorie, unhealthy processed foods when you’re hungry. This will destroy your weight loss efforts. You must have enough calories in your diet to support a healthy metabolism. At the same time, you must burn off enough calories to force your body to burn off body fat. This might sound complicated but it really isn’t. Read this post to learn how to burn off body fat easily. This is a steps by step guide to reduce calories for healthy weight loss.

You must get enough nutrients to fuel your metabolism. This includes both macro nutrients and micro nutrients. Macro nutrients are carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Micro nutrients include all the essential vitamins and minerals.

When you stop losing weight.

If you’ve hit a weight loss plateau it may be time to modify your healthy eating plan. Many times people are eating more calories than they realise and when they stop losing weight, they don’t know how to modify their diet to get high nutrients while eating a low calorie diet. It’s important to have a basic understanding of good nutrition so you can adjust your diet as you lose weight. If you’ve stopped losing weight, you can find out how to break a weight loss plateau here.

Building healthy habits into lifestyle
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