nutritionist tips to get motivated for weight loss

How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight

How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight

Everybody want to know how to get motivated to lose weight. Have you ever thought about why you really want to lose weight? Many of us know we’re not happy about how we look and feel, but we also don’t spend much time thinking about the deeper reasons we really want to lose weight.

In order to build lasting weight loss motivation, we need to have a clear understanding about why we want to change. In order to find our reasons, we need to look a little deeper about how the weight is affecting our life. In this post Ill outline the steps to take to find your motivation. Once you have your reasons outlined, you can remind yourself why your making changes to your lifestyle when losing weight gets tough.

How to get motivated to lose weight with nutritionist five step plan for lasting motivation

Why is losing weight hard?

In order to lose weight and keep it off we need to make huge changes to our lifestyle. These changes are hard to stick with because we have built unhealthy habits over years. Changing daily habits is a hard thing to do, but its not impossible. Anybody who has tried to diet in the past, knows at some point it will get tough. Motivation is short lived, we’ve all experienced that! So how do we keep the motivation to stay on track? How do we make ourself do what we need to do, on a daily basis?

how to get weight loss motivation
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How to stay consistent with healthy eating?

If you use your mind to empower yourself in these tough moments, you’ll be able to stay focused on your healthy eating plan. The key to staying focused is to understand exactly why you want to lose weight in the first place!

This video will help you to define your true reasons for wanting to lose weight and change your life.

Can motivation be learned?

We can train ourselves to be more motivated.  This is known as retraining the brain or using mind power, or mind control. Ultimately this is the only way to become a more motivated person for the long term. Once you know how to retrain your mind you can apply those tools into any area of your life to reach more goals.

Mind training doesn’t just help you lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle. You can use it to study, build a new career, have a happy marriage and happier friendships. You can use it to build self confidence and to learn many new things. Essentially brain training is a way of thinking to build new brain cells. Once you’ve built new brain cells to hold your new thinking patterns, you then need to practice using your new thoughts.

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So you see, by retraining your mind to think differently, you can learn to be a motivated person. Being a motivated person is a skill that needs to be learned and then practiced. Once you have practiced for a while, you’ll naturally be motivated to do things out of habit. In this post I explain how to retrain your brain. Learning how to use your mind power is worth the time. The rewards are high for very little effort!

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How to stay motivated to lose weight?

  • Write down 3 reasons why you want to lose weight.

Be as specific as possable because you’ll draw on these reasons often. Many people feel embarrassed about their body. Some are worried about health. Some just want more energy. You must be very clear about why you need to change. If you have a very good reason for changing then losing weight will be easier because when it gets hard you can use your reasons to stay motivated.

  • Design the life you want from weight loss.

Write down 3 examples of how you’d like your life to change once you’ve reached your weight loss goal. Think about how you’ll look. How you’ll do your hair. What clothes will you wear? How will you feel about yourself? This is important because you’ll need positive goals to focus on in order to stay on track with your healthy eating plan.

  • Put your goals where you can see them.

Once you’ve written down clear outcomes from your weight loss efforts, stick them up so you can focus on this every day. You’ll need to remind yourself each day why you’re making such a huge effort. The effort is worth it.

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  • When motivation is lost use your goals.

When you feel weakness remind yourself of why your losing weight in the first place. Take yourself into a private place, like the bathroom, so you can focus on your goals. This couple of minutes will give you the willpower to keep going.

  • Congratulate yourself.

When you make it through a tough moment and you’ve followed the healthy eating plan, stop and acknowledge that you’ve done a good job! Give yourself credit for making the effort. This will boost your motivation the next time losing weight gets hard. The more you congratulate yourself, the easier it will be to feel powerful and in control.

If you need a healthy eating plan for losing weight check out these low carb diet tips to get started. Or perhaps you want to learn how to hack your favourite recipes for a healthy eating plan?

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Tell us in the comments how you found your best motivation tools for sticking with a healthy lifestyle change.


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