Brain training for weight loss motivation. Use mind power instead of willpower.

Brain Training For Weight Loss Motivation

Brain Training For Weight Loss Motivation

I’ll share brain training secrets so you have the weight loss motivation you need to reach your health goals. I’ll tell you how I lost weight using mind power, hopefully this will give you weight loss inspiration. Then I’ll explain how you can train your mind to lose weight, and manage your weight for the rest of your life. After you’ve read this post you might also want to check out the weight loss motivation blog for more weight loss tips.

lose weight with brain training for motivation
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Why Train Your Brain for Weight Loss Motivation?

We must be able to stick with an eating and exercise program long enough to reach our goals. We all know we need to take action if we’re going to lose weight. The question is, how do we stick to a healthy eating plan consistently?

If you want weight loss success, you’ve probably decided that you need willpower or self discipline. And, that’s what I used to think as well! At my biggest I was a size 24. I had tried everything to lose weight! My motivation would start out high, and within a couple of weeks I had no motivation at all. With each attempt to lose weight, and inevitable failure, I felt more hopeless, more out of control, and more confused! I couldn’t understand why it was so hard to stick to a weight loss plan. Perhaps you can relate?

Before picture of 90 pound weight loss. Weight loss success with brain training.
Image Source: HealthYouTips Nutritionist. Size 24

Weight Loss Motivation Comes From Mind Power

After trying to find self discipline, and a diet I could stick too. I had a moment of inner wisdom. I was 28 years old when I decided I needed to focus on my mind, not the diets. This shift in perception changed Everything! On November 3rd 2003, I stopped dieting and started losing weight. I was over 100kg’s when I started (220 pounds). By September 2004, I was a size 12 (Australian sizes) and I’ve been able to manage my weight through mind training ever since.

Weight management is the goal. There is no cure for being overweight. It’s about lifetime management. Through my own weight loss experience I learnt one very important fact. Using mind power to lose weight is easier than dieting because no one else can controls what you think. And thinking is the easiest thing to do! It takes almost no effort, unlike a diet.

Before and after weight loss picture. How to lose weight with brain training.
Image Source: HealthYouTips Nutritionist: After Weight Loss. Size 12

Get Motivation To Eat Healthy

Staying motivated to eat healthy foods and lose weight is tough. We hear people say “I have no motivation to lose weight”. We start out motivated to have a healthy lifestyle and then find it almost impossible to stick to a diet plan for long.

Considering the setbacks we’ve all had with dieting, I’m betting you’ve also wondered “how to stick to a diet and not cheat”? How do you build healthy lifestyle habits and make them stick?

I used to lay awake at night wondering “why can’t I stick to a diet”? This went on for ten years! I was confused about healthy eating, I was disappointed that I couldn’t follow a health plan and I had no motivation to exercise. It was hard!

Then I started to think about the subconscious reasons why I was overweight. I realised that I needed mental preparation for my weight loss journey. I needed to prepare my mindset to lose weight.

The more I thought about why I couldn’t lose weight, the more I thought about using mind control for motivation. It became more and more obvious that my mind was sabotaging my efforts. But why? That’s when I finally found my brain training secrets.

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Health Motivation Tips:

Losing Weight Using Your Mind! 

If you feel the same way, and can’t follow a healthy eating plan, stick around. I’d suggest you read all the steps to brain training if you’re serious about losing weight, and keeping it off. I’m going to give you the secrets to weight loss motivation. The mind power tricks I used to finally stick to a healthy eating plan and lose weight, work like magic on subconscious weight loss blocks.

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Program Your Mind To Lose Weight

There are certain mind power tricks you can use to stick to a healthy lifestyle. The power of your mind is amazing when we know how to train the brain for weight loss motivation. I want to show you how to lose weight by thinking yourself thin! We’ll do this by using mind power, rather than willpower. The only discipline you’ll need, is to think in a certain way.

Psychological Blocks To Weight Loss

What sabotages weight loss? Could it be our own sabotaging thoughts about weight loss? I believe it is. It’s important to be aware of the words we use because these words are an indication of what we’re thinking subconsciously. If we use self sabotaging language when we speak about losing weight, chances are, those words are in our subconscious about weight loss. Being aware of how you think and feel about a healthy diet is crucial for brain training. You cant have  motivation to lose weight when you have subconscious is blocks.

brain power and rewiring the brain comes from making new thoughts

Subconscious Beliefs and Weight Loss

It’s our brain controlling every action we take. Think about it for a moment. Before we speak a word, we must think it. Before we move a muscle, to take any action at all, our brain must send a chemical signal to make that movement happen. Before we reach for food, we must have a thought that we want it.

You must understand that your brain is controlling everything you do. Most of our thoughts happen on autopilot. They are subconscious. I believe this is those subconscious thoughts are the road block to successful weight loss for many people. These subconscious thoughts are the reason we continue to sabotage our own weight loss.

Use Your Subconscious Brain To Stop Weight Loss Sabotage

If a thought is subconscious, how can you change it? We can control our subconscious mind, and therefore we can change it. We can notice our subconscious thoughts anytime we want too. You need to be aware of thoughts rushing through the back of our mind. The trick, is to observe your mind.

Let’s say you have a habit of overeating. All you need to do, is stop and notice the thoughts passing through your mind at that moment. And when you notice your thoughts, also realise they are habitual. These are the self sabotaging thoughts you’ll need to focus on when you train your mind for weight loss.

The question to ask yourself is: “what am I telling myself”? “What words are passing through my mind which cause this behaviour”?

Remember: Every action starts with a thought! If you want to act differently, you must think differently.

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How To Reprogram The Subconscious Mind

We’ve already trained our brain to have habitual thoughts and behaviours, we just didn’t do it deliberately! The self sabotaging behaviours we have, are a result of habitual thinking which we’ve unconsciously practiced for years. But, what if you created new thoughts to replace the old subconscious thought?

What if you could build healthy habits in line with our weight loss goals?

After weight loss with mind control
Brain Training Makes Losing Weight Easier!

You can practice thinking in a new way, and the new thoughts will soon create new habits. The new thoughts will become subconscious and habitual in your mind just as the old thoughts once were. The new subconscious thoughts will soon motivate you to take the actions you need to lose weight. With practice, you’ll act out the new thinking without being consciously aware of it.

Training Your Brain For Weight Loss Success

The first step in training your brain is to become aware of the background thoughts which are passing through your mind, because, you can’t change them, until you know what they are.

How do you do this? When you’re about to sabotage your weight loss, pause for a moment. Ask yourself: what’s going through my mind? You need to find the exact words which are floating in the back of your mind.

These old thoughts can pass through very quickly, and they’re easily missed! However, the more you practice, the easier it is to notice exactly what you’ve been thinking subconsciously. Taking notes about what your thoughts can help. Perhaps keep a thought journal about hard moments?

Brain training for weight loss success

Start Reprogramming Your Subconscious Brain

There must be a profound shift in the way you perceive your weight loss journey.

Once you know what the old subconscious thoughts were, you can start brain training for new subconscious thoughts.

The new subconscious thoughts will soon become habitual actions so be careful what you tell yourself! Choose some new thoughts which are in line with your goals. Personally, I like one liners. I use words which are easy to remember, and easy to repeat.

The old subconscious thoughts won’t be trained out overnight. You’ll have to practice thinking your new thoughts for a few weeks. The good news is, the more you practice, the faster your brain will be trained! You can read this post about how to rewire your brain for motivation to be healthy. The information in this article will also help you design your brain training.

Positive and negative thoughts when retraining the brain to be motivated

The Science Behind Brain Training

When you think a new thought repetitively, you’re brain will create new neural connections which will eventually become habitual. Science has proven that we can build new brain cells by training our mind. These new brain cells are literally new neurons (nerve cells) which carry the new information. Much like learning a new skill.

The more often you focus on a new thought, the stronger the new neuron will become. As a result, the more habitual and subconscious the thought will become.

Imagine you want to learn the guitar. You’ll have to practice right? And over time, you’ll remember  how to play a tune. This is because the more you practice a new behaviour, neurons become stronger, faster, and habitual!

Remember: Habitual thoughts lead to habitual behaviours! By creating new habitual thoughts, you’re creating new habits which you’ll act out naturally.

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Mind Power and Emotions

Thoughts and emotions are closely connected. Your emotional reaction to certain thoughts, depends on your perception. Emotions are inspired by what we think. This is  significant for brain training and weight loss because:

Thoughts create emotion, and emotion inspires action!

Try to remember the last time you avoided doing something. It was probably because you didn’t “feel like it”…right? Or remember the last time you ate a certain food which is not included in your weight loss program. Was it because you “felt like it”? My point is, it might start with a thought, but its the emotion that drives the behaviour.

If you have trouble noticing your subconscious thoughts, take notice of how you feel. Your emotions will guide you, and help you identify whats happening on a subconscious level. Thoughts rush through our mind so quickly, sometimes they’re hard to catch. But emotions tend to stick around for much longer. Therefore they’re much easier to recognise. If you feel bad, you’ve been thinking something negative. If you feel good, you’ve got positive thoughts in your mind. It really is as simple as that!

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Five Steps To Think Yourself Thin

  • Be aware of how you feel. This is especially helpful if you’ve lost motivation to eat healthy. Or if you don’t feel motivated to exercise.
  • Notice the words in your mind before you sabotage yourself! You will think certain words just before you act. Our subconscious thoughts play out like background noise, so we don’t notice them, until we make ourselves take notice!
  • Are your subconscious thoughts the truth? Sometimes we have beliefs which aren’t true anymore. As we grow and mature our beliefs change. You must create positive beliefs about your ability to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Create new thoughts which are in line with your weight loss goals. Decide what you would like to be true for you. Then, make an effort to think your new thought as often as possible.

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