Refund Policy

Refund Policy acceptance of purchase are subject to acceptance by us. Acceptance (or rejection) of an order will be notified to you as part of the ordering procedure. Acceptance and continued access to our service or products is always subject to payment first being made by you. For the removal of doubt, by placing an order, you make an offer to purchase the relevant products that is the subject of your order. We reserve the right to terminate your access to the HealthYouTips  service if you are not up to date with any payment plan that may be offered.

HealthYouTips uses the Stripe payment gateway for financial transactions. Stripe do not grant us access to your credit card or other financial details. You agree that HealthYouTips will not be held liable for any loss you incur arising from the use of this payment method unless caused by our fraud or the fraud of our employees.

Product fees and other charges are tax inclusive. The receipt of payment which we issue to you will be a tax invoice in accordance with applicable requirements.

All fees are non-refundable and are non-transferable unless:

You contact HealthYouTips in writing within seven (30) days from transaction receipt via email at HealthYouTips requires a detailed outline of the reasons for requesting a refund. You agree that any chargeback fees associated with a refund through the Stripe payment gateway will be subtracted from the initial purchase price. Further, you agree that any financial losses incurred by accepting your initial payment to HealthYouTips will be withheld, and not refunded. This includes but is not limited to transaction fees, international currency charges and bank fees.
During the period in which you have paid for access to HealthYouTips service through this Website, and the information service is not available for a period lasting more than 3 days. In this circumstance, a pro rata refund may be granted upon written request by email to, however you acknowledge that we may refuse a request where we are able to provide the information service to you through alternative means (such as email, social media etc); or
we agree to issue you with a refund in accordance with the clause (variation) below.

To the extent permitted by law, you must bear any expenses that you may incur in connection with your request for such a refund.

Upon receipt of a refund your agreement with us is at an end and we will cancel your account. You agree that this is your sole remedy in these circumstances, other than any rights that may be available to you.

All product purchases are non refundable except as expressly set out in these terms and conditions. You will be able to terminate your product purchase upon request in writing within 30 days of invoice. However you will not be granted a refund for products purchased which you have received in full after a 30 day period.