Building healthy habits into lifestyle

Healthy Habits

Building Healthy Habits

Building healthy habits and making those healthy habits stick, is the best way to have a healthy lifestyle. How do we start being healthy? How do we develop healthy habits for life? How do we create a healthy lifestyle so we can truly enjoy our life? We’ll cover easy health tips about how you can get healthier and live your happiest life! That’s what being healthy is all about. Living your best life and feeling good in your body.

healthy habits for a happier lifestyle

What is the definition of health?

Building healthy habits for a healthier lifestyle.
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The world health organisation describes health as a complete state of well being on a physical, emotional and mental level. Notice this definition is different to being in the absence of disease! Optimal health takes into account the whole person including physiology and psychology. True health is not just the absence of disease states but rather is living a lifestyle which supports ongoing wellbeing.

What are healthy habits?

A healthy habit is small action which is performed on a daily basis. If we incorporate many small daily habits to support good health, a healthy lifestyle is achieved. Healthy habits support optimal well being. Healthy habits make you feel good! Having daily habits to support optimal health will make it easier to live your happiest life because you’ll have more energy, and be more inspired to undertake activities which may enrich your life.

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Why are healthy habits important?

Having healthy habits is essential for long term wellbeing. True health won’t be achieved with short term fixes. In order to be free of disease and the need for medication, a long term approach is essential. Making an effort to be health conscious has long term benefits as well as short term benefits. Including many small daily health habits into your lifestyle can reduce the risk of many diseases. You may reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases like obesity, heart disease, diabetes or depression (because remember true health is optimal mental and emotion wellbeing as well).

How to develop healthy habits?

It’s important to take a personal approach to design a healthy plan for your lifestyle. Generally speaking the most important area to focus on first is a good nutrition plan. A solid nutrition plan is the cornerstone of health because the nutrients we feed our body influence every metabolic process within our cells. Here’s some articles about Three Natural Sweeteners for a Sugar Free Diet or Ten Low Carb Diet Tips For Weight Loss.

Healthy food for healthy lifestyle. Brain food

What’s The Best Nutrition Plan?

Healthy nutrition includes unprocessed, whole foods that don’t have added sugar and chemicals. Unprocessed whole foods are found in a natural state. Foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, nuts and seeds. Junk foods and highly processed foods should be limited to “sometimes foods”. Nature has provided perfect nutrition! If you were to compare processed foods with natural whole foods, you’ll find the natural foods provide fewer calories, more vitamins and minerals, less fat and much less sugar!

Potassium is higher and sodium is lower in whole foods which is what our body needs to function at an optimal level. Compare this to processed foods where sodium is high and potassium is low. Nutrients in whole foods are also synergistic, meaning the nutrients found together in a particular food, all work together to give our body the ingredients to function well. For example steak contains the nutrients we need to build healthy tissues and organs, nutrients like iron, B12, protein and zinc.

Side Effects Of A Low Carb Diet and sugar free diet
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Getting regular exercise is another important part of a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity doesn’t need to be boring, simple activities such as gardening, walking or playing with children can improve health in a variety of ways. Getting enough quality sleep, drinking clean water, and reducing stress are also important factors for long term health.

Having a positive outlook on life can improve mental and emotional health. Regularly taking part in fun activities for relaxation can enhance general health as well. Making an effort to include basic daily strategies for your personal health needs can help to decrease the risk of illness in the future and also boost your health in the short term.

How can you have health without hassle?

Once you decide which healthy habits you want to adopt, you can then plan them into your daily routine in a fun and easy way. Focus on having fun with getting healthy and building new habits won’t seem too hard to achieve. Focus on making small simple changes to your daily routine.

9 Steps To A Healthier Diet

  1. Include at least 1 cup of vegetables in your diet each day
  2. Swap soda and juice for water
  3. Eat whole fresh fruit when craving sweets
  4. Snack on raw vegetables, nuts and seeds
  5. Reduce sodium when cooking
  6. Cook with olive or coconut oil
  7. Avoid processed foods loaded with chemicals
  8. Eat when you’re hungry, until you’re satisfied
  9. Reduce Alcohol

For example if you want to include more vegetables but you don’t like vegetables, you can find ways to hide them within the recipes you make. Vegetables can add a lot of flavour to meals. When I make meat recipes such as chilli beef or lasagne, I usually make them with half pureed vegetable and half meat. This enhances the flavour and boosts nutrition, while hiding the vegetables!

Changing our diet can be a daunting task, especially if we have big changes to make. However by starting out slowly and incorporating small changes over time, changing a nutrition plan can become much easier. If you were to make one small change each week, in a year your diet would look totally healthy! You could start by reducing sugar in your diet. The next week you could include one more serving of vegetables into your meals. You might swap candy for fruit and so on.

healthy cooking hacks made easy! How to do a recipe makeover by swapping ingredients
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Fun Easy Ways To Get More Exercise

  1. Dance around the house just for fun
  2. Have a race with your spouse
  3. Play ball with your children
  4. Use an exercise machine while watching TV
  5. Park the car further away and walk
  6. Take the stairs  every chance you get
  7. Set a timer to move every half hour
  8. Go hiking
  9. Play like a child and waste your energy!

If you need to be more active, you can choose fun activities which won’t feel like exercise! Choosing things you love will make your long term health plan hassle free. Even activities like dancing around the house, parking the car further away or going for an evening walk with your partner, all add up over time. Being wasteful or playful with your energy is a great way to feel better and build muscle strength. If you choose fun physical activity it doesn’t seem like a chore!

Healthy recipes for a healthy lifestyle.
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Making healthy habits Stick

You can maintain your new healthy lifestyle by making small incremental changes over time and keeping those new habits in place. Once developed, those habits will become second nature. Your new healthy habits will become a part of your lifestyle.

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Developing healthy habits takes time and most importantly, daily practice. This is why it’s important to take small steps. You must focus on long term change! Once you have adopted a new daily habit into your life, you can then add more healthy activities. If you continue to add small daily health habits into your lifestyle, you’ll be able to achieve your health goals in a shorter period of time. Most importantly you’ll be able to keep the motivation to be healthy because it won’t seem as difficult. Here’s an article about how to rewire your brain for motivation to be healthy.

How to rewire your brain and be motivated to be healthy
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How you can build a health toolkit to apply into your daily life?

Building your personal health toolkit relies on good health education. Learn as much as you can about staying healthy, nutrition and fitness. Keep it simple and inexpensive. Good health does not depend on supplements or expensive equipment!

Health supplements to build healthy habits

The internet is full of general health articles to guide you. Some of these health articles are fantastic while others are complete nonsense! Check the authors qualifications when reading health related articles because you’ll want quality information from accurate sources. Journalist are not health professionals. Some journalist do a great job at covering all the relevant information on a specific health topic. However many don’t have the time, space or resources.

Beware click bait articles or media news articles. Most health related news stories do not give the full picture. Many use scare tactics or half truths, which is confusing for the general public. This is because the media are fighting for your attention! Getting attention from the public depends on a catchy headline.

Do proper research from good quality sources. There are some fantastic websites which outline health related topics without the medical terminology. is an example. Government health sites have quality information. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is also a very good source.

Before you start making big changes to your lifestyle speak with your preferred health professional to ensure what you’re doing is safe. This is especially important if you’re taking medication or have a pre-existing health condition.

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Let us know in the comments below which steps you’ll take to build healthier habits?

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